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Some of our suppliers have converted production facilities to producing PPE including masks, gowns, face covers, etc. Some are made in the USA, and are more readily available, and available in smaller quantities. Others are international (including China). These will take longer, but cost less.

There are a variety of time lines, payment scenarios and minimums, so contact eli@mytguy.net for specific information about your needs.

Face Masks Made Easy: How to Help Everyone Stay Safe

Everyday Use

From running out to the grocery store or taking the dog on a walk, a 100% cotton mask is best suited for everyday use.

You can hand masks out to those who attend or shop with you to reduce their risk of infection and limit their own spread.

Or, you can invest in your own essential staff to wear while out for deliveries or stocking shelves. 

Increased Coverage

If your clients want masks with a little more coverage, this is the product for them. This high-quality face mask adheres closer to the skin while remaining comfortable and breathable – excellent for essential service men and women, or end-users who simply want to stay safe.

We have one line that is produced in the USA with zero human touch, giving you and your clients peace of mind when it's needed most. 

Maximum Protection: KN95

Industries most impacted by current events such as healthcare and public services are best suited for this high-quality anti-virus face mask.

Multilayered construction and a five-layer filtration system keep dust particles and pathogens out so staff can continue working to keep themselves and our community healthy. This particular style is most recommended for front-line workers or the immunocompromised, who require the highest level of protection to remain safe.

Disposable Class 1 Medical

FDA Class I (general controls) disposable MEDICAL FACE MASK designed for single-use wear, and it is made in an FDA certified medical factory.

Main features:

  • 3-Layer protection: 
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Elastic earloop style
  • Built-in adjustable metal nose-bridge
  • All-season adoption 


  • ASTM F2100 (BFE>95%)
  • YY/T0969-2013
  • CE EN149:2001

Disposable Personal


 This is an FDA registered Disposable Personal Protective Face Mask designed for single-use wear. With 3 Layers of protection, it will keep out some harmful bacteria and give you peace of mind at home or while running errands.

Main features:

  • 3-Layer protection: 
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Elastic earloop style
  • Built-in adjustable metal nose-bridge
  • All-season adoption 


  • GB/T32610
  • EN149:2001+A1
  • BFE >95%

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Nitrile Disposable Gloves

High-quality disposable gloves designed for professional use to keep your hands protected. No Latex, No Powder:

Nitrile Gloves protect against viruses and prevent exposure. Ultimate value and incredible toughness, these Nitrile Gloves are suited for laboratory, printing, medicine, health, beauty salons, and food.

Choose from gowns with stretchy elastic cuffs or soft knit cuffs. Full length to maximize coverage. Available in a wide range of bright colors: blue, green, white, and yellow.

Disposable Isolation Non-woven Gowns

Disposable isolation gowns offer practical and dependable protection against fluids, particulates, and other contaminants. Constructed from a single layer of light, pliant, and breathable nonwoven (polypropylene) fabric. With generous amounts of fabric and long neck and waist ties, our disposable isolation gowns are designed to comfortably cover most individuals without impeding movement.