In the early 1990s, a friend gave Eli a software package so that he could design his own artwork for events and Bible Study materials. Using the old "Arts & Letters" program, he also designed his first t-shirt: the ugliest t-shirt you can imagine!

Soon thereafter another youth minister in the area asked him to design a shirt for his group. Then, the screen printer he used asked for help with a design project.

Now, almost 30 years later, MyTGuy Designs has designed and printed for hundreds of schools, churches, youth sports organizations, and also a few businesses - all over the US and now into Canada.

We have filled out our product offerings to include web hosting, a massive range of print and promotional products, desktop publishing, and even just recently, full-service EDDM mailings.

This is and has always been a part-time effort. In the beginning, more for the fun of a new hobby. Eli's full-time concerns have always centered on his roles and relationships as

  • Christ Follower 
  • Husband 
  • Father of three  
  • Grandfather of seven 
  • Trainer 
  • Facilitator 
  • Creative Communicator

Over the years, he has served churches as:

Youth Minister, Recreation Minister, Education Minister, Pastor/Church Planter, Executive Pastor, and Interim Pastor, as well as five years with the North American Mission Board.

He worked for Group Publishing for 8 years and is now a media project manager for Pearson. He continues to invest significant time, energy, and resources in his church and ministry.